The Mark Challenge, organisé par l’Université Internationale de Monaco (UIM) permet à des étudiants du monde entier de défendre le business plan de leur projet d’entreprise, devant un parcours de professionnels du luxe mais aussi d’ investisseurs. Cette 6ème édition fut l’occasion de découvrir des talents et projets passionnants.

Nous avons souhaité donner la parole à Lauren Gabriela COLES, étudiante américaine à l’IUM et lauréate du Fashion Award. Lauren Gabriela a présenté un projet bien construit et fort bien défendu autour d’un concept d’utilisation de matériaux recyclés utilisant les plastics recueillis dans la mer pour produire des tissus destinés au monde du luxe et de la mode. 

The Lux Sea Tech Project
LuxSeaTex designs and produces luxury textiles that follow internationally recognized sustainability standards, using a base of poly filament created from plastics reclaimed from the sea. Gen z and millennial consumers are willing to pay more for products that have an eco-story, and now is the ideal time, for brands, to break into that market. With  Luxury Sea tech, luxury brands have an opportunity to create quality products for an eco-line that carry measurable PR value, while keeping their brand promise of quality and exclusivity. Luxe Sea Tech can already create quality fabrics today, but with investment, the team could grow the business quickly, and even create new and patented sustainable materials made of plastics from the sea.

  • How did you hear about this international competition ?
    I am a student at IUM
  • Why did you want to participate ?
    It was a goal of mine to start a new business in Monaco, and the competition gave me inspiration to really get it all started and organized.
  • What are the strong values of your project ?
    We want to make people aware of textile pollution as the #2 polluter under oil and gas, and make people aware that 63% of textiles being produced use new plastics. Of course it is more costly and time consuming to use recycled plastics, but if this makes value from garbage collected from the sea, it is worth it. People are willing to pay more to be aligned with their values.
  • Can you present your project in 3 sentences ?
    LuxSeaTex is a B2B company that makes luxury fabric from reclaimed sea plastics. We help brands keep their promises of quality to consumers, while allowing them to have a marketable eco story. We create custom eco fabrics to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Is the company already active ?
    We are currently working under a US LLC DBA.
  • What sales figures do you expect in this case for 2019 and 2020 ?
    This information is confidential
  • What do you need now for the future ?
    We need to increase our team and find highly skilled textile engineers and scientists.
  • How do you see yourself in 5 years ?
    I see myself affecting international policy on plastics creation and cleanup.
  • What is your craziest ambition for your project ?
    I would like to create a luxury eco fabric for Dior.
  • and for you ?
    I want to affect international policy in regards to ocean plastic cleanup, and the use and creation of new and single-use plastics. Things need to change, and there are billions of dollars being made from the creation of new plastics–about $200B/year in Europe alone. It will be a tough job to combat rich and powerful industries, but they are the cause of death in our oceans. What is more valuable, money or the earth? How will people spend their money if we have no planet to live on?
  • What will you do with your price ?
    My prize was just a book called Designing Luxury Brands. I will read the book. I was hoping the prize might be financial, funding for my company or a scholarship, or something like that, but it was a just book.

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